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Tips for making money in baccarat

For people who have never played baccarat before when coming to play online baccarat will see that there should be nothing Just choose to bet on the banker’s side or the player only. and the general basic formula that I feel like to use is “Compound Formula”, yes. It is evidence of the thinking of almost every common gambler that if

this eye is broken, then the face will add the lost money to the new balance. For a moment, it is necessary to win an eye for sure, which is not wrong because some Baccarat formulas such as Bao Jin Zhong also use this approach. however, in fact Maybe it’s not always as easy as that with the root cause as follows.

Rules for Compounding

1. Holding the bet

If you’ve been to an offline casino, some casinos might not even let you know. But when there is an opinion that you are trying to invest in a compound betting budget. by the pain of humiliation up to a certain level The dealer will write off the excess budget. Therefore, even if you have a huge budget, you can’t always use this trick.

2. The power of “double”

We sometimes feel that when we lose, keep using double bets. For example :

1st eye down 1 unit

2nd eye 2 unit down (if bet 1 profit 1 unit)

3rd eye 4 unit down (if bet 1 profit 1 unit)

4th eye 8 unit down (if bet right profit 1 unit)

total bet amount 15 units

which we need to know about the nature of baccarat Occasionally, the outcome of the bet may be a dragon pattern, which is described within. Baccarat Vocabulary The outcome of the bet may be that it will have a unilateral effect throughout many eyes. which some people see The result would be a few eyes close together. Therefore, if stabbing on the same side continues, it has to win itself.

In fact, the chance that baccarat will bloom the same result regularly up to 8 eyes or more is also possible. which the higher the eye, how much Players like to have pressure. Don’t dare to change the gambling side Because of the blooming results, the same side has won many rounds. The next turn was definitely required.

When doubling down, each eye had a huge impact. If we count to the 8th turn, we have to pay 128 units, or 128 times the first turn to bet only 1 unit, but in those 8 turns, even the total of all eyes is 255 units ( or almost 2 times the amount staked in that turn)

1. Chasing a step with a specified limit.

Some formulas may be called “stair steps”, that is, compounds have a limited quantity of steps. For example, we need to define that We will compound no more than how many rounds, maybe 4 or 5 rounds so that the lost amount is not so great that the account is cleared.

Sometimes, some people may specify the ladder for 2 rounds, meaning if the first round is missed. when the specified amount is exceeded Or some people may call it “broken” by mistake. Will switch to chasing the second round of steps instead, but if you miss again, it’s considered over. Let’s start over from the beginning at the beginning.

There are absolutely no rules for this process. It’s up to everyone to accept the amount of compounding.

2. Determination of the amount in each step.

Sometimes, we do not need to specify the amount that must always be multiplied by 2, as in

the 1st turn. down 1 unit

2nd eye down 1 unit (if bet is correct, get 1 unit lost capital)

3rd eye down 2 unit (if bet correctly, get 2 negative loss back 2 unit)

4th eye down 5 unit (if bet That’s right, anywhere lose from 3 eyes, 4 returns plus 1 profit)

because we see that the amount of eyes played has finally reached the step limit. Assess whether it’s still right So we add more profit to the 4th turn, but if it loses We will lose a total of 9 units, which from the previous example will spend 15 total if compounded every turn. For that reason, there will be an opinion that we reduce the

loss by 6 units, or some people may see that the first turn is lost, however, the second turn is necessary. Some steps will add profit to the block. There are no restrictions here either.

If we look at other baccarat formulas like Bao Jin should will be of the opinion that the same principle The difference is only the amount that is specified in each floor only.

3. Decide on the betting side.

in the end Is the matter of entering the gambling game when to enter the game, of course, there are no fixed rules. Although looking at the possibility to be related But anything can always happen.