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Placing roulette numbers

Techniques for placing roulette numbers Roulette

games are gambling games that are very popular. for gamblers Because it is a game that requires very low investment, that is, you have only 10 baht, you can make at least 3 times to 35 times profit from a single investment. but randomly placed Not a good answer for gambling games. this game for sure because in addition to wasting a lot of money unnecessarily Even if the favorite number is out, it’s not that it will be profitable, so let’s try to play according to the technique of placing roulette numbers. that we recommend is better I can assure you that get money for sure Plus, get profit,

don’t leave 0

Even if the chance of leaving 0 is a little small, but if you have a budget of 1,000 baht, betting on 0 at least 50 baht to hedge shouldn’t be a problem. What is important is that if you are lucky, the band Your wheels are spun right out of this number. it means You have a chance to win up to 50*35 = 1,750 baht.

A 6-digit straddle is a bet that covers 6 numbers in the same row.

It may take a lot of money. In order to get the average out and gain profits, for example, leave a bet of 250-500 baht, etc. by the technique of choosing which row should be stabbed. Let’s look at what number before, a few turns, the ball landed. And close to which row, most of which are 2-digit numbers, which is 10-26, but you may choose to straddle between numbers 13-18 when the result comes out at one of those numbers. profitable anyway Because the payout rate of this bet will be 5 times the bet.

Bet on choosing the number of the group page or the latter group

which we would like to recommend is Choose the last group of numbers, which is between the numbers 19-36 as digits because the numbers are odd. Chances of leaving are very low. And when coupled with the fact that we bet in the previous article, it is 6 numbers between 13-18, another group of numbers betting follows. is an opportunity and create the probability that we will get more money Although the ratio is quite small But if using an investment of 700 baht, if the guess is correct, at least 1,400 baht is paid, which is still considered profit.

When bringing together the 3 types of roulette betting principles that we have told together, at least if they match any One, if you have an initial capital of 1,000 baht, however, you get a profit of at least 500 baht from the total investment. or maybe more If correct in a group that bets with a large amount of money, such as a large group that falls between 19-36, etc.