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How to formulas

How to see card formulas

Card formulas, online baccarat That is what is very important. One cannot rely on luck alone, because the results and formulas must also be used to play. The baccarat game is the most popular gambler in the casino as well. This formula of playing can be adapted to personal play. By the formula that is to read the cards. The card issuance of Baccarat is a technique for placing bets. The playing formula will give the gambler a chance to earn higher money than the random bet.

how to watch baccarat By observing the card patterns that occur frequently in online baccarat games.

1. The first type is to look at the dragon card. The nature of the dragon card formation is that either side wins several times in a row, in which case the score of the Banker side will be circled in red and the Player side will be circled in blue. which if the red side wins in a row Each other becomes a red dragon card, and if the Player side wins several times in a row, it is called a blue dragon card.

2. The next type is the formula for viewing table tennis cards. The nature of the occurrence is that the banker’s side and the player’s side take turns to lose and win continuously. This is how it can be determined that it is a ping-pong card. Let the gambler bet alternately according to the winning team. For example, the dealer wins, the player wins, the dealer wins, the next turn to bet on the player’s side and the banker’s side alternately. until the cards run out If it runs out, wait for 3-4 eyes to rest and then place your bet again or come back to play the next day.

Because the game of Baccarat is very popular, there are many formulas to choose from according to their cards. The two formulas I have suggested are the most popular ones that are often issued by cards. But there are also other formulas, and some of them are not disclosed. Because it is the invention of these gambling masters that have come from their experience in betting often. They tend to hold each other because it’s not easy to get the recipe.

Therefore, gamblers should train themselves to come up with new formulas as well, but these formulas may not always work. Because it is an unpredictable gambling game. But it’s better than playing without a formula. The two formulas that are introduced today are guaranteed by the big web. that it really works which the card may not come every round or every table So when playing for a while or playing until the end of the game There are no cards according to the formula. Should stop playing and find a new table. because maybe the card might have been out earlier