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Between Auto spin and normal Spin?  

What is the difference between Auto spin and normal Spin?

At present, online slots are becoming very popular in the online gambling industry. Because there are a variety of games that each game company is trying to develop and release to compete with each other during this time. And within each game, from the players who used to only pay attention to part of the payout rate, they began to pay more attention to different parts of the game, especially the buttons to play betting games that most people would love and use only. Just a normal Spin button, but recently, more and more people are interested in the Auto Spin button that has been in the game for a long time. This is because in many games, when used it makes better money and access to the special features of the game is easier than that.

How Auto Spin and Spin Buttons Work in Slot Games

The behavior of the Auto spin and Spin buttons are completely different. Even though they are both buttons for betting, they are so different that many people choose to use only certain buttons in their bets. Which some gamblers may not have known before, the Auto spin button activates the automatic spin within the game. It will save players from having to sit and press the game to spin at the end of each game. It therefore comes with quite a lot of convenience in gambling. Players can also choose how many spins they want to automate each time.
As for the Spin button, everyone is already well known because they usually play and use this button almost all. It presses the game to spin around. When the game stops spinning, press it again to spin the game until the desired amount of money is made. Although it might make players feel a bit tired, but it’s full of advantages in pressing the spin itself each round.
Comparison of accessing the prize money of pressing the game of both buttons
For those who are not sure between playing with the Auto spin button and the Spin button that it will have an advantage. So we have compiled them as follows:

• Auto spin button

As we said earlier, this button may only be suitable for playing in some slot games. Although every slot game has this button as an option. Because its rotation is relatively fast, it lacks rhythm to play around. Jackpot slot games are not suitable for this button.

• Simple Spin button.

Pressing to spin a round of betting is considered a good and appropriate play. But not in every game forever because in some games, when trying to play both buttons, you can see that it is suitable for which play button. However, pressing play in a round by itself has a slight advantage in the rhythm of the game. In conclusion, whether you play a slot game with the Auto spin button or the Spin button, there are advantages and disadvantages in both of them. Just try to use them according to your chosen betting game.

Techniques for choosing the game buttons to suit the slot games that are played

For those of you who are hesitant about whether it is better to play with the Auto spin or Spin button, we recommend that you try both of them in the game you are playing. By starting with the minimum capital and testing between these two buttons at the beginning. Play them back and forth and you’ll easily find out which game you’re playing fits the play button better.

Access to online slot games

If you still can’t decide which game button to use. We can’t all say that we want you to compare it yourself. By playing and betting on slot games with us, there are simple steps to access the game as follows:

• Open to our main web page

• Select a category of slot games within the web

• Select the game you want to play.

For those who still can’t find a conclusion between the Auto spin button and the Spin button, the only way to come to the most obvious conclusion is to gamble by yourself. And good slot games, easy to play, make real money, are only available from our website. A website that dares to guarantee that everyone who comes to gamble will never be disappointed.