Baccarat Casino

Baccarat offers fun bets.

Baccarat does not offer a wide variety of bets. This is why many casinos add more bets for fun. The available side bets depend on the game of ground baccarat or baccarat online. But here are the most common bets.

high stakes ; House edge 4.35% If bet on Player and Banker will combine 5 or 6 cards then payout rate is 0.54:1 based on your bet.

low stakes; House edge 5.27% If bet on Player and Banker combines 4 cards, payout ratio is 1.5:1 on your bet

Dragon 7; 7.60% house edge is common in e-sat baccarat games. This is a bet if the banker wins with 3 7 cards. The payout rate is 40:1.

Dragon Bonus (Player’s side); House edge 2.70% If betting on Player’s side wins by first 2 cards combined or by 4 or more cards,

lucky bonus; 1.11% house edge If betting on Banker wins with 6 points, this bet on Player has a 2.34% advantage, but you risk 10% of your bet on Banker

Panda 8; House edge 10.19% is a typical e-sat baccarat bet on the other side. This bet is based on the banker winning with 3 8 point cards. The payout rate is 25:1

Royal match; House edge 2.13% If the Player or Banker has the same card of the same suit between the King and Queen in the first two cards. If the Kings and Queens are dealt with the same suit The payout rate is 75:1 if the Kings and Queens are dealt with different suit. The payout rate is 30:1.