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3 secrets to get money from slots part 1

this great formula is to use capital, starting around 50,000 baht, aiming at 100,000 baht. Let’s see how to do it. Start by placing a bet in the 1000 digits, but you need to increase your stake to 5,000 baht, and this turn you need to start to spin yourself.

Because your money for investment is large. You have to wait a lot to look at in particular. Because even if you lose 5 times in a row, you will stop. However, we would like to suggest that if you lose the 4th turn, please exit the game first and enter the game into a new game.

and bet the original amount of 5,000 baht, and you need to count because how many turns you spin Let’s say you spin 5 turns, including you up to 60,000 baht, then it can be considered a lot of good luck. because some people It needs to be rotated 25 turns to get it, but if this happens then give you the next spin so don’t skip the episode for a long time.

Another great betflix slot game formula is that you can press to spin automatically. however, you need to wait and see If the game loses more than 4 times yesterday, we suggest you to follow our proposal. Enough you play and win the prize money up to 80,000 baht, then give you an increase of 15,000 baht and play until 100,000 baht. If it’s less than 100,000 baht, it’s about 98,500 baht. It’s okay. It’s good. If your last

turn you can win and get The mega big prize money reaches hundred thousand and you lose, you should to stop playing and make a withdrawal. Because even if you continue to spin, it may cause you to take too many risks.